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Certain offenders may qualify for the Pretrial Intervention Program. They must fill out and submit an application for consideration.
Pretrial Intervention Program Application

All victims are entitled to let us and the courts know what they are going through and can request monetary restitution, in a reasonable means. Once the case has been indicted, you will have a Victim Impact Statement mailed to you, or you can print one here and return it to the Victim Assistance Coordinator.
Victim Impact Statement

As stated above, victims are entitled to monetary reimbursement for expenses inquired due to the crime.
Victim Compensation Form

If you or your company has been given a bad check, you may read over the Bad Check Complaint Packet, fill it out accordingly, and turn them back into the Bad Check Unit. The form must be mailed or brought, as we need the original check or the legal copy from the bank.
Bad Check Complaint Packet

If you have been a victim of Domestic Violence, you may fill out the Protection Order and turn it into the appropriate office.
Domestic Violence Protection Order

As a victim of a crime, you are entitled to refuse to prosecute the defendant in that case. Please keep in mind that even though you may refuse to prosecute, the state may still proceed with their case.
Refusal to Prosecute

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