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1. What do I do if a crime has been committed?

a. You contact your local police or sheriff’s department. They will take your report, do the investigation, and if it is a felony, will then turn it over to us. We do not “press charges” here and we cannot help you or give you any type of information until we have the case in our hands.

2. When is my court date?

a. All court dates are set by the Circuit Clerk’s Office. We have no control over the court dates and are usually unaware of this information. You MUST call the Court Administrator to get this information. We cannot extend court dates for you.
b. Circuit Clerk’s Offices:
DeSoto County
Judge Robert Chamberlin
Sally Williams, 662.469.8359
Judge Gerald Chatham
Suzanne Lowrie, 662.469.8314
Tate, Panola, Yalobusha, and Tallahatchie Counties
Judge Smith Murphey, V
Elizabeth Lentz, 662.560.6201
Judge Jimmy McClure
Tracy Estridge, 662.487.2072

3. If I’m a Defendant, a Defendant’s family member, or a Defendant’s friend, can I contact your office?

a. Our office cannot speak to Defendant’s. This is a conflict of interest and it is not in your best interest to speak to the prosecutor. All questions or comments must be directed to your defense attorney and the defense attorney may get in contact with the prosecutor on your case.

4. My case has been bound over from a lower court, why does your office not have it?

a. Just because a case has been bound over from a lower court, does not mean that the case is in our office. The law enforcement agency must prepare the file and turn it into our office after it has been bound over. If we do not have the case file, please contact the detective working on your case. The file is still in their hands.

5. When is Grand Jury?

a. Grand Jury is private and no one is allowed to attend, other than the Prosecutors, Grand Jurors, and the Law Enforcement Agencies. On occassion, victim’s can be invited to attend for their case only.

6. What if I have a civil complaint?

a. Our office has NO jurisdiction over any civil matters. You will need to contact a lower court. Our office does not handle divorces, child-custody, land disputes, lawsuits, etc.

7. I’m doing a background check, can I get some information on this case?

a. Nothing in our office is public record and we cannot give any information out.

8. Why do you need to know who I am when I call for someone?

a. Our prosecutors have an extremely high case load and are in court constantly. Their time is stretched among many things and they need to know who you are and what you’re calling about. Also, this is for confidentiality reasons and so that no information is given out that shouldn’t be.

9. Why can’t I speak to the District Attorney?

a. Our District Attorney is in charge of five counties. He is in and out of the Hernando Office, the Batesville Office, Law Enforcement Agencies, Court, etc. There is very little time for him to sit down and talk on the phone. If you have a question, his staff will more than likely be able to answer it.

10. I need some legal advice, who can I talk to?

a. Due to the fact that our office prosecutes criminals, we cannot give you any legal advice, as it may be a conflict of interest. If you need legal advice, you will need to contact a private attorney.

11. I am in legal trouble, can you recommend an attorney?

a. Our office cannot recommend attorneys. There are numerous attorneys throughout the state and all are very prestigious.

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