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Helping Victims

Victim Assistance Coordinators / Witness Coordinators

Our Victim Assistance and Witness Coordinators (VAC) work with victims of crime in applying for Victim Compensation Funds through the Mississippi Victims Compensation Program. They also assist victims and/or their family members in seeking counseling or other services.

Additionally, they coordinate witnesses for trials, schedule witness conferences, and serve as a valuable point of contact for victims,
their families, and state witnesses concerning trial and hearing dates, as well as other aspects of the prosecution.

If you are the victim of a crime being prosecuted by our office, or if you are a prosecution witness, you may contact the VAC in the office
which is handling the case with any questions or concerns.

We also request that victims of crime, or their representative family members, complete a Victim Impact Statement. These statements are
considered by prosecutors and the Court when making decisions regarding every case.

Click below to download and print a Victim Impact Statement. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

Victim Impact Statement (.pdf file)

Once completed, please mail or fax it to the VAC in the office which is handling the case.

Leigh Mercer, VAC
District Attorney’s Office
365 Losher Street, Suite 210
Hernando, MS 38632
Phone: (662) 469-8014
Fax: (662) 469-8231

Ida Bryan, VAC

District Attorney’s Office
101 Eureka Street
Batesville, MS 38606
Phone: (662) 563-6636
Fax: (662) 563-6652

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