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Victim Advocates

Victim Assistance Coordinators have a special and important role within the criminal justice system. These individuals are specifically placed in the District Attorney’s Office to provide services to crime victims.


  • Assist with the responsibility for seeing that all the rights of crime victims are carried out.
  • Serve as an advocate for the victim throughout the criminal justice process.
  • Have special knowledge about services to help crime victims.
  • Have strong working relationships with public and private agencies which may assist victims with emotional, financial, child care and other practical needs.
  • Are usually trained in crisis intervention.

Victim Assistance Coordinators are an extremely helpful addition to the criminal justice process and crime victims. They have many diferent roles which vary depending on the nature of the case. Services that they provide include:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Information on the Mississippi Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights
  • Information on the status and progress of your case
  • Information on the criminal justice system
  • Notification of court proceedings
  • Court escort (accompany the victim to court)
  • Provision of a safe waiting area in the courthouse
  • Referrals to victim service providers and social service agencies
  • Referrals to the Crime Victim Compensation Division and assistance with completing the compensation application